Scandinavian Hanks: Wanted for bad country tunes since 2009!


We play mostly cover songs from  -80’s and -90’s rock bands and even some mainstream performers and turn them into outlaw alternative country and kick ass-hillbilly versions. And let´s not forget the one who gave us his name, mr Hank III.


If you’re looking for a professional wedding dance orchestra, we’re not your choice. We do wedding gigs too, but we’re not a jukebox...


If you’re looking for a group of hillbilly redneck shitkickin & rockin yeehaw band, ask for Scandinavian Hanks!

(And no, we don´t take our clothes off..)


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2016 Hanks are:

Hank Palokangas., guitar, bv.

Hank Penttilä., vocals, mandolin

Hank Mutanen., banjo, bv

Hank Laukia., doublebass